Brother Paulus Moritz, Our Founder

Brother Paulus Moritz, the Founder of the Congregation of the Missionary Brothers of Saint Francis of Assisi (CMSF) was born on 29th June 1869 in Germany.  He came to India with a group of missionaries to serve the Indian sub-continent, leaving all comforts of his Father Land – Germany, and his near and dear ones. He served the people of India, inspired by the love of Jesus, our Lord, and fired by the zeal of the Apostle, his namesake, Saint Paul – Apostle of the Nations.

His famous dictum was: Äs long as you look after the poor, God will look after you!” He was a man with deep spiritual conviction and of prayer and contemplation. He knew that only a deeply religious person could become a great missionary, and he formed his Brothers in that pattern. He was a soft-hearted man, and influenced all his companions with love for the missions and the poor.

It was a relentless pilgrimage for him and his early companions in the mission of the Lord, serving the poor and needy at all costs in the villages of the entire country wherever they had been called to. From 1901 till date, the inspiration of our Founder continues in the Brothers’ Love and Service to the Indian people and beyond.