St. Francis School believes that learning is an interactive process wherein each child has a different disposition towards knowledge and learning. Our student strength is 30 to allow the teachers to personalize the curriculum to the children and to teach the way he or she enjoys. We treat every child as distinct individual with his/her own uniqueness, strengths, weaknesses and cultural diversity.

We believe in creating an interactive and entertaining environment that stimulates the desire to be inquisitive and learn new skills and concepts. We practise child–centred approach, enriched with activities that develop imagination, thinking and creativity. Personal care and attention are the key words in our teaching methodology.



  1. Enabling every child to discover and actualise her/his true potential and not just score marks
  2. Promoting independent thinking by giving freedom to question, analyze, compare, contrast, make inferences, and generate higher order thinking skills.
  3. Providing a conducive and positive classroom atmosphere which enhances the natural progression of learning
  4. Extending learning through field trips and extended learning events
  5. Guiding, monitoring and assessing student’s work regularly along with timely constructive feedback.


The experienced and qualified faculty and staff who deliver academic and co-curricular programs lies at the heart of our educational programs at St. Francis School that helps each child’s individual requirement for the future.

Emphasis is laid on value systems to create self-motivated, self-regulated individuals through various opportunities at school. This transforms them into sensitive and sensible individuals, empowered to make informed decisions and become the change agents for a better tomorrow.

Nestled in the lush green campus in the cultural capital of Mysore, the school building embraces spacious classrooms. The adjacent Portiuncula Renewal Centre and Chapel in the campus stand tall as a proud possession of our heritage. The sprawling school campus abounds in various sports facilities to students.

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