• Regular and punctual attendance at school is essential.
  • Students must be in school at least ten minutes prior to the school time. Those who arrive late will have their names recorded and parents will be informed. Strict action will be taken against habitual latecomers.
  • No leave or absence will be granted except on written application of the parent, addressed to the Principal in advance.
  • Only those students who secure 80% of attendance will be considered for promotion to the next higher class.


  • Parents’ role is very valuable in moulding the character of students, formation of personality and better understanding of education. As a healthy association with teachers is crucial in the learning process, regular constructive interactions with parents brings forth the well being and smooth run of this institution.
  • Periodic meetings of Parents with teachers are arranged by the Principal in order to ensure coordination in the process of children’s education. Parents are requested to make good use of this occasion for building up mutual understanding between the parents and teachers with regard to the all-round progress of their wards. The parents are requested to bring their ward/wards along with them. Remarks by the teachers on the PTM registers must be signed by the parents.
  • Absence of parents from PTMs will be seriously viewed.

Parent-Teacher Meeting-timing: 9.00 am to 12.00 pm