St. Francis School is a Unit of St. Francis Group of Institutions of the Congregation of the Franciscan Missionary Brothers. St. Francis Group of Institutions is an establishment by the Vision and Spiritual Experiences of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Patron, and Brother Paulus Moritz, the Founder and the courage of the Pioneer Brothers of our Congregation.

Responding to the signs of the times, St. Francis Group of Institutions are spread across the world like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, North America, Canada, Paraguay, Bolivia, Sri-Lanka, Africa and in almost all the States in India.

When it comes to learning in the 21st century, St. Francis Group of Institutions has always led the way with its proven experience in guiding the young minds. Creating institutions of learning that focuses not only on academic excellence but also on helping students develop character, creativity, human values, spirit of leadership and social responsibility.

Since its humble inception in 2008, St. Francis School has grown from being just another school in the city’s firmament, to an institution that is recognised for bringing about a transformation in the school education, synchronous with the contemporary global standards.


Every child spends about 25, 000 hours in the school premises right from Kindergarten to Class X. I believe THIS TIME SPAN is the FOUNDATION on which every child must build up his/her LIFE and learn to appreciate its wonder and beauty. Hence, the MISSION of ST. FRANCIS SCHOOL is to teach every child the three secrets of our SCHOOL MANTRA,

As teachers and parents, our MISSION is to facilitate the focussed learning of the secretes of life. Our Mission is to give every child a REASON to be at School. The only key that we must bring into play in fulfilling our MISSION for every child is MOTIVATION. Let us motivate ourselves to motivate every child, as we can’t light another lamp unless our own lamp is lit.


Brother Sanil Tharayil




The School Mantra is the WAY St. Francis School is striving hard to achieve the MISSION statement of the School. The School of St. Francis is my GREAT TEACHER because MY TEACHER INSPIRES me to DREAM in my very childhood. My TEACHER is GREAT because she teaches me to BELIEVE in GOD and BELIEVE in MYSELF. The only CHALLANGE before me is to achieve my dream. This will be the ONLY REWARD I can offer to MY GREAT TEACHER.