• Students have to come to school, neatly dressed and in complete uniform. Boys’ shirts are required to be tucked into the pants all the time.
  • Boys are expected to cut their hair short and neatly trimmed. Fashion haircuts/styles will not be allowed. Girls are expected to wear long hair in two plaits, with black ribbons. Short hair maybe worn with a black hair-band. Shaggy unkempt hair will not be permitted.
  • Nails are to be trimmed short and kept clean always.
  • Students are not allowed to wear ear rings, chain, necklaces etc. or apply nail polish/ mehendi. Bringing tattoos/stickers to school is not allowed.
  • Children are expected to take a bath daily before coming to school.
  • On days when civil clothes are allowed, students are restricted from wearing revealing attire and advised to dress appropriately.


  • Everyone must maintain an atmosphere of silence during working hours in classrooms, staffrooms and office. Thus, all should contribute to maintain an excellence of standards in everything.
  • Cleanliness is a pre-requisite of orderliness. Therefore, all the classrooms, corridors and the campus, as a whole must reflect this in our school, which aims at bringing up an atmosphere of godliness.
  • Students arriving on school campus before the first bell have to go straight to their own classrooms and be busy with the day’s lessons, exercises or home work, in silence. They must not be seen outside their classrooms or in the playground.
  • The classrooms, corridors and the school premises shall be kept neat and clean. No littering is expected. Waste paper or other waste materials must always be thrown into the waste boxes provided.
  • The handbook issued to every student at the beginning of the year is to be kept neat and tidy all through the year and to be brought to school every day.
  • Students are not permitted to speak once the bell is rung for the school assembly. Every student is expected to maintain silence and order while coming for the assembly.